One day, Laura read printed news, online news and social media-posted news. She listened to network broadcasts and message-driven podcasts. Then, she closed all the blinds, got under the covers and drank herbal tea for a few hours. Next she tried wine. Neither helped, so she decided the only option was to change the world.

She’s a former teacher, an MFA graduate in creative writing, a sometimes-editor and occasional sports writer—which means she’s not an expert in anything. But her undying curiosity and deep respect for people also means she keeps flinging back those blinds and bringing balanced news to as many people as possible.




Tim’s like a thick steak, medium-rare, juice running down the sides–with a splat of chocolate sauce on top. Doesn’t make sense but it sure makes life interesting.

Check it out: he’s a finance and psychology alumna from Penn State. He’s the first one to the squat rack at the gym, and the last one to turn down a conversation on politics. He’s run a landscaping company, worked in the healthcare insurance space, and now is a finance consultant in New York City. He is a wannabe “dog whisperer” (who can say “no” to something with fur), a short shorts enthusiast (because why not) and a reader of contemporary poetry.

He’s ready to talk global economic policy, the best ingredients for a burrito, or how to live green–pick a subject, Tim’s got an opinion.

His latest? We need to make news more accessible.