A caravan of over a thousand people approaches the Mexican border. Who are they? Why are they coming? And, why is our president FREAKING OUT?

Migrants, most of them Hondurans, left southern Mexico on March 25 and walked north, hitchhiking rides when possible as they left behind the extreme violence and never-ending poverty in their homelands. The group consists of around 300 children and 400 women, according to a Buzzfeed reporter who traveled with them.

This march happens every year, and a way not only for people to flee a miserable life but for advocates to bring attention to these vulnerable populations. The group that organized this march is called Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

They got attention, to be sure. President Trump took to the twitter highway with a road-rage response.

A few other details:

  • They travel in large groups for safety.
  • March organizers set up asylum workshops for the migrants, as many planned to either appeal for the process in Mexico or the U.S.
  • Mexico is increasingly the final home for migrants from Central America, and especially from Honduras. Last year, about 14,600 applied for asylum, 66 percent more than in 2016 and 11 times as many as five years ago.

Click here to read the NY Times article.

But, also, take the time to geek out on a few of our president’s tweets on the caravan. You’ll see President Trump’s reference to NAFTA in his tweets regarding the caravan. How is the North American Free Trade Agreement and border security connected? Read the debater here.

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