Things are getting dicey with Iran

President Trump stood in the front door of the White House last week as a reporter asked if we were going to war with Iran.

Our President responded, “I hope not.”

Maybe we should be fearful that he’s not taking responsibility for the decision of whether or not to go to war with Iran, as though he believes–at this point– the decision is to be made by Iran.

That’s one way to interpret the offhand remark.

Or, we might feel confident that our President is probably bluffing, but also bold enough to consider going to war in order to get a nuclear weapons-free Iran.

war may be coming

We pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal that traded a halt to Iran’s nuclear weapons program for relief from our sanctions.

Then, we imposed more sanctions on Iran.

And, we designated the Iran’s government military as terrorists.

We forced countries like China, Japan, Greece, Turkey and Italy to stop buying oil from Iran, sending Iran’s economy into a tailspin.

We sent military aircraft and bombers into the area.

Note: John Bolton has been pushing each of these escalations. Geek out on his involvement here.

Iran damaged four oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman (they’ve denied it) and two drones attacked oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia (Iran denied this too).

There are unconfirmed reports of missiles being loaded into ships in Iran ports.

Iran announced they’re giving France, the UK and Germany 60 days to end the sanctions or they will resume work on their nuclear weapons.

then, the tweets

first, our President

the response from the Iranian foreign minister

Is war with Iran inevitable now? Let’s take a look. Also, geek out on John Bolton, whom many people believe is behind the aggressive military position.

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