Trend toward leaving the city likely to continue after the pandemic

The pandemic’s not over, and we’re likely to be dancing with it for most of next year.

Open up? Covid will spike. Shut down? The curve flattens.

The back and forth will probably keep repeating until we have a vaccine, and that could be… awhile. There’s talk of a vaccine in one year, but previously the shortest amount of time to create a vaccine was four years.

In the meantime, where should we live?

Roommates have fled city apartments for Airbnb’s, childhood residences, and second houses–almost anywhere outside a city drowning in virus.

The movement away from cities reflects a trend that started prior to the pandemic.

Census Bureau statistics have shown a national move away from large metropolitan areas, which is a reversal of the trend starting in the early 2010s in which we saw a surge in demand for city dwellings.

Will you stay in the city, despite the risk of exposure to the coronavirus? Or move on to a less-congested area? Check out the debate here.

Want to feel good about living in the city? Watch people connecting from their balconies, during the pandemic.

Who are YOU today?

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