Trump announces ISIS leader killed

On 26 October 2019, al-Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest while being chased by US Delta forces, killing himself and his three children in Syria.

In 2011, a $10 million reward was offered for intelligence on Baghdadi by the State Department; by 2017, it had increased to $25 million. The hunt for the ISIS head spanned two American presidents and multiple countries.

who was he

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took a ragtag insurgency and turned it into a global terrorist network that drew tens of thousands of recruits from 100 countries.

Baghdadi and his men previously fought under Al Qaeda for nearly a decade in Iraq before breaking away.

In 2014, under Baghdadi’s leadership, ISIS fighters took one-third of Iraq and half of Syria and declared the territory a caliphate, a territorial victory that energized the terrorist movement.

the violence

Baghdadi oversaw the internet broadcast of beheadings, including of western journalists.

A pilot from Jordan was burned alive while being filmed by drones. Men accused of being spies were drowned in cages, with underwater cameras to document it. People were crushed under the treads of a tank, and women were raped and enslaved.

a global reach

Baghdadi oversaw the worldwide recruitment of ISIS fighters, using videos and other computer-based tools to glorify their lives, activating “lone wolves” even without training camps.

The comparison of the capture and kill of Osama Bin Laden to that of al-Baghdadi is tempting, as is the comparison between the two presidential announcements of the events. President Trump is straight-forward, blunt and very detailed–all of which may be designed to appeal to his base. Is he “modern-day”  presidential while President Obama is an old-school leader?

Read their words here first. Then, check out the comparison: Trump versus Obama, in their announcements.

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