Trump approval rating drops amid multiple crises

President Trump’s job approval rating dropped 7 percentage points this month, according to a survey released Monday. It showed that only 38% of respondents approve of the “way Donald Trump is handling his job as president,” while 57% disapprove.

where we’re at

protests over police brutality

Protests have occurred in all 50 states and D.C., as well as hundreds of smaller towns and cities, in support of Black Lives Matter following the murder of George Floyd who was killed during arrest by a Minneapolis police officer.

The size, intensity and frequency of the protests has not been seen in over 50 years in the US. While they have been largely peaceful, some have erupted into violence.

In order to quell the protests, President Trump has advocated for the use of the military.


More than 100,000 are dead from COVID-19, and about a dozen states have shown an increase of new cases due to reopening;

about one-third of businesses are at risk of failure;

unemployment is similar to that of the Great Depression;

a multi-trillion-dollar federal deficit;

about a third of US citizens showing signs of clinical anxiety;

coronavirus nightmares are the “new normal.”

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