Trump uninvites the Eagles

President Trump told the Philadelphia Eagles they weren’t invited to the White House after all–which meant the 10 members of the team that were planning to attend the Superbowl celebration were no longer welcome because too many teammates had opted out.

“They disagree with their president because he insists that they proudly stand for the national anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country,” Trump said.

Instead, a Celebration of America was quickly planned as an alternate event for the fans that had been invited to see the players. Mr. Trump described it as “a different type of ceremony — one that will honor our great country, pay tribute to the heroes who fight to protect it, and loudly and proudly play the national anthem.”

The post-championship celebration has been boycotted by players in the past, including last year’s Golden State Warriors basketball team that chose to be a no-show after Steph Curry was blasted by the president for “hesitating” on whether or not to attend.

This year, while the president referred repeatedly to the national anthem protests in his tweets and message, no Philadelphia Eagles players participated in the kneeling/protest during the season.

These weren’t the first players to decline an invitation to the White House. Geek out on a short list of famous athletes here. And, should the president have taken that stand against the Eagles? Let’s talk about it.

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