Trump withdraws U.S. from Iran nuclear deal

Trump’s announcement to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal was made with rhetoric we heard during his campaign: the agreement to pause the nuclear program was “horrible” and “one-sided” and “disastrous,” he said.

He also talked about the sanctions that would go into effect, including those against any nation that helps Tehran pursue nuclear weapons, and U.S. and foreign companies and banks that continue to do business with the country. New contracts and financial deals are banned, and (depending on the type of transaction) businesses and banks have either 90 or 180 days to exit existing deals.

Israel and Saudi Arabia lobbied hard for this position, while leaders of Britain, France and Germany announced they were still committed to the nuclear agreement.

The agreement was put into place during the Obama administration, in order to limit Iran’s capability to enrich uranium (for weapons) and has made it easier to monitor its nuclear activities. Geek out on basics of the deal here.

Was it a good idea to pull out of the deal? Consider both sides of the debate here.

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