Ugly Christmas sweaters may be uglier than you thought

If you’re under age 35, chances are you bought an ugly Christmas sweater, you wore it only once, and it’s made from plastic. That means your ugly-Christmas-sweater-habit is adding to plastic pollution in our waterways.

the study

Environmental charity Hubbub analyzed over 100 sweaters and they found that 95% of 108 sweaters were made fully or partially from plastic. The plastic–or acrylic–breaks down in the wash, eventually discharging fibers into waterways.

why plastic is a problem

Small plastic particles make their way into water, where they are ingested by marine life. The plastic can pierce or obstruct bowels in animals, and it can build up in tissue that is then consumed by humans. If left unchecked, it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Should we stop using plastic altogether? The debate may be less obvious than you thought. Check it out here.

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