U.S.-backed war in Yemen causing world’s worst humanitarian crisis

War results in 7 million Yemenis facing famine. How did it get so bad?

Saudi Arabia (mostly Sunni) has been fighting the Houthi rebels (Shi’a) for two years in order to return Yemen President Hadi to power. The Saudis are also involved because the Houthi rebels–that chased Hadi into exile–are backed by Iran (Shi’a).

Saudi’s bombs have destroyed sanitation, hospitals, schools, homes–literally most of the country. And guess what happens when infrastructure is destroyed? You got it: disease spreads.

As if 10,000 civilian deaths aren’t enough: Yemen is facing the world’s worst cholera outbreak in years.

The World Health Organization announced that the cholera outbreak has killed 2,000 people and infected an estimated 500,000.

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