Veganism makes the stage at Golden Globes

Reporting goes, two weeks before the Golden Globes, Joaquin Phoenix convinced the people that run the event (the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) to go vegan.

by the numbers

While only a few percent of US consumers self-identify as vegans, the Economist reports one-quarter of 25-34 year-old’s say they are vegans or vegetarians.

why vegan

People that choose vegan do so for various reasons that may include concerns over health, the environment, or animals. Eating plants can also cost less than meat.

vegan versus vegetarian

Vegetarians generally don’t eat meat but may eat the products of animals, like eggs and milk. Vegans abstain from all animal products, sometimes also banning clothing and home products made from leather, silk and wool.

growth in non-meat industry may not mean growth in veganism

The non-meat industry has moved into fast food (e.g. the Impossible Whopper), school systems, Disney World and to neighborhood grocery stores across the nation. But, most consumers of these products are carnivores looking for a non-meat option rather than committed vegans.

Want to dip your toe in veganism? Check out a few simple ideas here.

Are plant-based burger substitutes a better choice?

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