Volunteer medic killed at Gaza-Israel border after weeks of violence

A volunteer Palestinian medic, running towards an injured protestor at the Gaza-Israel border, was shot dead by Israeli forces.

Her death follows weeks of violence at the Gaza Strip (a piece of land in Israel that is occupied by Palestinians) sparked by the U.S. decision to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Sooo… what’s going on here?

Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs have both claimed Jerusalem as their capital–which is sacred to their religion–so the U.S. move sparked a furious response by Palestinians.

Three weeks ago, President Trump moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; therefore, siding with Israel.

This sparked protests, deadly violence, and political unrest at the Gaza Strip, leading to more than 60 Palestinians dead and thousands injured after Israeli forces opened fire over the past few weeks.

Where the heck is the Gaza Strip anyway?

Southwestern coast of Israel:

So, why did Trump decide to move the embassy to Jerusalem?

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