Who are Diamond and Silk?

Two conservative youtube personalities, vloggers Diamond and Silk, came up repeatedly in House discussions with Mark Zuckerberg. These conservative, pro-Trump sisters were filtered out by Facebook, prompting the question: is there a left-leaning bias on the site?

According to their website, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are sisters from North Carolina who talk about “media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics” and have proclaim themselves to be “President Donald J. Trump’s Most Outspoken & Loyal Supporters.”

The president has not had large support from black women, yet Diamond and Silk defend the president against racism and sexism, among other things, through long, animated rants that have resulted in almost 1.4 million followers on Facebook.

Watch a video here.

Recently, FB began to limit their activities, perhaps in line with new controls following election tampering. FB notified the pair that their content was “unsafe.”

Zuckerberg said the Facebook team, by banning of these vloggers, “made an enforcement error.”

This is a central Facebook problem: Should Facebook filter? Let’s talk.

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