Who are YOU today?

WordStirs offers several ways to consume your news.

Start with News Made Simple 

These are important headlines from big-name papers, explained in words that make sense, linked to the original article. 

At the end of each News Made Simple article you’ll find three buttons:


The Runner

The Runner… bullets for when that’s all the time you’ve got.

 Some days you’re out the door, late for life, gulping a hot drink–with only a few news bullets between you and loser-dom.

Or, let’s say you have a date, and after you change your shirt fifteen times you literally have three minutes to come up to speed on the news. You’ve got The Runner button. Because a few quick bullets can keep you from the land of cluelessness.


The Debater

The Debater… for both sides of the story.

There are days when you’re so sick of facts being spun left and right, it’s like you’ve got a monster spin hangover. You just want your facts straight up, without an agenda–balanced as much as possible–so you can think for yourself.


The Geek

The Geek… some days you gotta know more.

Some days you wake up early, you’ve got half a pot of coffee to drink, and you want to conquer the world. Or at least think about it.

That’s when you’re clicking on The Geek for a little background on Syria or Turkey or brain surgery.